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    Follow up to "The Computer" where I promised pics and video of my den, the mancave.

    Some info, the glass cabinet is just stuffed with beer steins from cities I've visited, and some other souvenirs. It's one fucking expensive piece of show-off considering the plane tickets and so on, the actual cost of a beer stein is just pfft...

    Stereo: Amplifier is a XTZ Class-A 100D3, speakers is a pair of B&W DM685 and subs is B&W ASW608, this thing sound absolutely amazing...

    Coffee machine, well.. considering my kitchen is about 2 house-lengths away, I had to have a coffee machine in my den. Just a regular, very popular thing here, a Dolce Gusto.

    All the cables shown going to through the wall from my computer(s) end up in my den, of course. It's mainly to escape the noise from the rig, which isn't too bad, but the UPS at the bottom doesn't have any kind of regulators on the fans, so it's 3x high speed 80mm fans in there going total bonkers, but the cables through the wall and a door between solves that issue, my mancave is pretty silent once the door is shut.

    Anyway, shown is a couple of Steelseries 7G mechanical keyboards, some Logitech G400's ... an old classic mouse bungee. A couple of Sound Blaster X-Fi HD USB soundcards, the bottom one is the older THX branded one and the top one is a newer SBX branded one, they're basically the same. I connect my gaming-computer sound through the other one with TOSlink, and I then use a 30ft cable going across the ceiling to the amplifier.

    Headset is a Beyerdynamic MMX300 and the mic is a Røde Podcaster.

    Monitors, on the left is a 23" Dell U2311H and on the right is a 27" Dell U2713H, mighty fine monitors, cheap and provides excellent picture, some would probably say they're garbage because of the 60Hz, but I don't need 120Hz or 144Hz to claim to be a good gamer ... or something, fuck that. I just want monitors with good picture, and when those were on the market, gaming monitors were TN+Film anyway, and THAT.... IS GARBAGE.
    On top there is a Philips 23" monitor, which in time will be the one connected to my camera surveillance computer.

    Will be posting a couple more threads with "The suitcase" and the sittings bags, since they deserve their own threads....

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