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    My den has some mighty fantastic sitting bags, manufactured by a local sitting bag construction firm...

    Link to their page is

    Comes in various sizes and also custom sizes if one needs something very particular.

    Anyway, they came vacuum sealed, so I had to spend quite a lot of time to undo the vacuuming, resulted in sore finger tips actually. But they became mighty in the end, and oh boy are they relaxing to sit in. Filling is just regular memory foam, mind you not viscoelastic. And they are huge, the large dark ones weighing in at 35KG (77.1lbs), they gobble you up... they are wrapped in an inner bag of sturdy nylon, and the outer bag is of corduroy, typical furniture material.

    Of course I got 2 large bags (Maxi), 2 smaller bags (Didi) used as footrests, but can also be a small "chair", and 2 neckrests called Oobi.... visitors never want to leave, nor could they, because the bags are hungry, so hungry for human flesh....

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