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    All of the hype surrounding CSProMod and it's issues that have plagued the possibility of success, possibility of proper launch dates, riddled with an insane amount of bugs and not even close to a product ready to be released.. Not even during a beta back then.
    Enter CSP Beta 1.09. This is what their first go about should have been like. If this is what was released all those years ago, they would have been at the top of the food chain. But in this day and age is it too late for them to come into the market with CS:GO being released and having major tournaments worldwide? I do not believe so and this first impressions / thoughts post will showcase why.
    The game has the fluidity of 1.6, the smooth movement of 1.6, different recoil pattern that even though seems close to 1.6, is not an exact replica like the uninformed would love to believe. Contrary to popular belief, the goal was not to be an exact copy of 1.6, it was to bring the best of all worlds into one package for the public AND competitive scene. The major things people have issues with, models and bugs. The models will supposedly be changed within the next week or the following, exact date has not been released. [More info will be released today actually.] The bugs, this is where certain things get presented that need fixing as soon as possible. [Which may also be fixed with a quick update within the next week or two.] Spawning within each other, models disappearing entirely where you have to reconnect to the server for them to come back and the most recent but more annoying I encountered was running around fine on nuke, then having micro freezes, where I hear everything, but I am not moving etc.
    Graphics.. O graphics. How much people love to bitch and fucking moan about graphics. O it looks like CSS! O the graphics are outdated! O the engine is outdated! Let us put an end to these idiotic statements right now shall we?
    1. The game is based off of the Source engine and utilizes similar models and textures to CSS. This is known and has been known, which is why they were working on NEW models and textures.
    2. Yes, they knew the engine was going to be outdated going in. Due to the fact of not having a Source engine license, the game is being made for free and no monetary value can be gained by the game itself. [No selling it etc for funding it further.] In order for the engine to be proper and up to speed, they need $ to fork over. Same thing with forum software such as IPB, XenForo and VB. You have to pay to get the latest, especially if you are trying to further its advancement and possibly make a product that goes on sale one day. [I do not know if this is their intention, it is just a thought.]
    3. Graphics are outdated due to the engine, sure. Can textures be made to increase the detail and make the game look nice and realistic for the eye candy whores? Of course. Anything and everything can be tuned to such. But to the competitive scene, they play on LOW resolutions, LOW settings and try to achieve as much FPS as they can for a smoother experience. So if the game is more demanding, that means more has to be done to meet the public standards, not the competitive scenes standards. [Refer back to #1.]
    The guns take some getting used to but it is nothing like CS:GO. See, CS:GO is what I call CS:R. Counter-Strike Random. Anything can happen, any shot can hit, no matter where it is being aimed at. It is weird to try to adjust to such. It is more so a matter of luck than it is skill at times, due to how random the recoil patterns are and how ridiculous the hitboxes are. People say the registration is pretty solid, this we have known even with the release of CSS. But 1.6 still reigned supreme upon its release, which is why CSP is so important. To preserve the essence of a game, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. What you need to do is make the general components at least have that familiar feel, similar characteristics to it if you will. During my over 20+ hrs of playing CSP Beta 1.09, I have had more fun than in my entire 60+ hrs of playing CS:GO. [I enjoyed my time playing some of my hrs, because I played with 1 person I know and his friend.]
    I will admit the maps feel massive in CSP Beta 1.09. I do not know why this is, I do not know why as soon as you walk into a hallway you feel as if you are in a mansion, etc. But in CS:GO the models are huge, so the halls feel cramped etc. I would rather feel free than cramped, but it is more prone to some boring ass rounds due to their sheer size. [Again, I do not know exact dimensions, or if they are a 1 to 1 scale of their 1.6 counter-parts.] The rounds still move just as fast as in 1.6. The sounds in this game are awkward to say the least, I was in nuke at B, bomb was planted A and I could have SWORN the shit was right next to me in B. But of course, I was wrong, bomb exploded and I lost the round even after eliminating the T's.
    The familiarity of the gameplay is what makes it fun, it makes you feel as if you know what to do, yet with the subtle changes to the recoil, is not the case in that regard. Whether you are a 1.6 player, a CSS player or a CS:GO dick rider, there is no reason to hate on CSP. [For reference, I state CS:GO dick riders because the game has already amassed a cult like following like the Manson Family. They say 1.6 players are bad, that CSS players are bad, but if you read the sheer fucking stupidity of CS:GO fanatics, it is more than dumbfounding.] I do not fear change, in fact I welcome it. What I do fear, is the fun being pulled out of the game for the lining of someones pockets on a name. Ever hear of Call of Duty? Same fucking shit, same engine, literally rehashes of the same game just reskinned, remodeled.
    As individual communities we have dealt with a lot from all sides, but moreso from VALVe themselves. Whom seemingly have wedged a distance between them and the consumer that make us anticipate other products, just not that of the #1 FPS of all time. First they throw us Condition Zero, which was bad enough. I played it, bought it. As to show support, I always stuck to 1.6. Then they released CSS to appease those who wanted eye candy and a more simple playstyle. [You know this is true.] Then they ignore the communities, faked like they were doing so much for CSS when they left 1.6 as is and now we have CS:GO on our hands. A better way to put it is this, this is VALVe's Modern Warfare 3. A disaster, made by VALVe's own versions of Activision's Treyarch, HPE + Turtle Rock Studios. [Hidden Path Entertainment] This is not to take away from the developers per say, but you would have to be fucking blind to not see what the communities all wanted / needed. It is a HUGE market capacity the online FPS market and VALVe KNOWS they missed with GO. Sure these updates are rolling out and people are clinging to them like a new born on a whipped out titty, but that does not mean they are actually making the game BETTER. The recent updates are fine tuning if you will, things they will spruce up to quickly appease to those already playing and demanding such.
    But what about us? What about those whom do not wish to have such minor updates and want to see the game progress to where it is supposed to be? Well we are left out and pretty much fucked. No silencer as of yet, they say it is a balancing issue. Add the silencer just like it was in CS and CSS, I do not see the balancing issue here. O because you can sneak? Yet the AK is still more powerful and it always has been. O you lowered the decoy grenade price to 50$? Congratulations. Now why the fuck is there a decoy grenade or a molotov /incendiary grenade in there in the first place? O to change the dynamic to the gameplay, you just could not change the maps...?
    Steam stats prove such, sales prove such and the game that was released was enough proof of such as well. Whether CSP is a success is yet to be seen, but it for damn sure is not a failure by any means. Servers are going up now that 1.09 is out, people are playing, having fun and the general consensus is that they finally released something proper. But the general consensus comes with a double edge to it, they also believe it is too late, CS:GO is already too far ahead and CSP can never catch up. I do not believe such, I believe if the bugs are ironed out, more time is spent on the game as was stated by the CSP devs recently that allows them to do so, then we will see what we always wanted to. A title worthy of public and competitive play that we ALL can enjoy. No bitching, no fucking bickering. Sit down, load up Twitch, Own3D, YouTube Live, or whatever else you may use and watch what CS was always supposed to be like. Exciting and FUN. Not grey, blue and random with ridiculous looking models. [Btw, what the fuck is the CT model in CS:GO wearing? A fucking shower cap?]
    I know I strayed away from topic a little bit, but again I did say they were my thoughts / impressions. From Beta 1.09, consider me more than impressed. Which is why I invested in a server in the first place for the community / all to enjoy.
    - ArucarD [ . R . ] @ WeGameYouPlay

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